A New Frontier

       Grass Roots Energy, LLC (GRE) pioneered and patented technology that extracts ethanol at low temperatures while consuming less energy than required by conventional, high-temperature distillation methods. This groundbreaking technology dramatically improves the economics of farming, food waste disposal industries, and transportation.  GRE units are compact, affordable and run solely on electricity making them easy to install.        

       A GRE unit provides farmers with a new process that concentrates proteins, vitamins, and minerals in corn or other feedstocks to produce an enriched livestock feed.  Valuable nutrients in this low-temperature process producing fermentable wet grains (FWG) are not altered as with conventional high temperature distillation systems.  GRE's process produces hydrous ethanol as a co-product, which could be used on site or sold as bioenergy.  Learn more on the Farms page.  

       Food waste industries will improve their profit margins by utilizing GRE's breakthrough technology.  Expired soda pop, beer, wine, and other fermentable substances once considered waste are easily converted into ethanol at low cost, thereby turning expenses into profits. Check out the Technical Data page for actual values.  

       GRE's technology produces economical bioenergy to displace fossil-fuel consumption in diesel and gasoline engines.  This clean-burning bioenergy reduces toxic emissions and in turn reduces the carbon footprint.  Find more information on the Products page.


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