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Our Mission

       To provide technology and improved economics to the farming, waste, and transportation industries enabling them to become more profitable by producing and utilizing ethanol as a cleaner, cheaper, self-sustaining alternative biofuel.

Our Roots

       Scott Sovereign, a Professional Engineer specializing in thermodynamics and Frank Van Kempen, an electrical contractor ("vankempenelectric.com") and master electrician, teamed up in 2001 to create an efficient method to save fruit farmers up to 50% on their electrical costs for cold storage. With their patented technology they created ENERSAVE, LLC ("enersavellc.com") which continues to service the United States and Canada, making fruit farmers more profitable by reducing their energy costs.

       In 2009, Scott and Frank developed and patented both a process and the equipment used for ethanol extraction that has the potential to be a game-changer in the energy field. Their process and equipment ferments and extracts ethanol from various feedstocks using only small amounts of electrical energy. Because their process extracts the ethanol at low temperatures it uses only a fraction of the energy when compared to conventional methods and does not alter valuable nutrients found in the feedstocks.

       GrassRoots Energy, LLC became the vehicle to bring this pioneering technology to a wide variety of markets including the farming, waste, and transportation industries.  We can help businesses realize potential cost savings and benefits utilizing GRE technology.  We encourage farms, businesses and communities to work with the GRE team to capitalize on these opportunities.

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