A strong desire to become more self-sufficient on a small, rural Michigan farm in 2008 provided the backdrop for us to hatch and incubate an idea that is proving to be a game-changer in the farming, waste, and transportation industries.  At their invitation, we used the facilities of a local family farm to develop a small, fully functional machine that would concentrate valuable nutrients in corn while fermenting excess starch into an ethanol co-product to meet energy needs on the farm.  GRE is able to apply this technology to any size or type of farm.     

       Using low-temperature fermentation and extraction techniques, GRE Systems produce a superior livestock feed rich with valuable nutrients that have not been altered by high heat used in other systems.  These systems allow farms to be self-sustaining and improve farm profits.   While running solely on electrical power a unit produces low temperature, high protein (up to 35%) fermentable wet grains (FWG) and hydrous ethanol using considerably less energy than required by conventional ethanol producing methods.                    

       Farm operations will find value in both the enriched livestock feed AND the ethanol co-product and will realize financial sustainability and therefore increased profitability.  As the world's energy needs continue to grow, farmers can now use GRE technology to lead in supplying sustainable, clean, alternative bioenergy along with a food supply for our burgeoning human population.  Check out our Products page to see what GRE can offer you.

       Contact GRE and let us show you how to improve farm profits while becoming more self-sustaining and less reliant on the ever-fluctuating petroleum industry.  Farmers using GRE technology replace starch energy in corn with a less expensive cellulosic energy source (corn stover, hay, etc.) and then convert the extracted corn starch to ethanol which is used to meet transportation needs.  Farmers then choose to sell the ethanol co-product to local ethanol facilities or use it on their own farm.







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