Technical Data

Corn Mash Analysis

Multiple corn batches have run through a GRE system with the mash sent for professional analysis by Litchfield Analytical Services (Litchfield, MI) and ADM Worldwide (Decatur, IL).  Here is an average abbreviated mash profile.  Please Contact us if you need more detailed analyses.

Content               Low-Temp Wet Distiller's Grain (LTWDG)
Moisture 79.6%
Protein 32.4%


Cow Growth Data

Cows are currently being grown with low-temperature wet distiller's grain (LTWDG) on a working farm in southwest Michigan.  Initial results (after 42 days) showed a 51% increase in weight gain over the control group.  New studies will add to these data.  Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for up-to-date results.

Group 3/3/12 4/14/12 Ave. Gain/Day
Control (3) 836.67  ave. lbs. 888.33  ave. lbs. 1.23 lbs./day
Experimental (8) 886.88 ave. lbs. 965.00 ave. lbs. 1.86 lbs./day


Liquid Waste Inputs / Outputs


Several batches of outdated beer have been run through a GRE system to generate data for a local liquid waste company.  Below are average data representing these trials.  Notice that 85 gallons of 40% ethanol generates $114.75 of market value with only $70 in cost of operation.  Also consider the significant reduction in waste disposal fees due to the reduced alcohol content in the leftover liquid.

Inputs Outputs Cost/Value
1000 gal. beer (4% EtOH) 85 gal. of 40% EtOH $1.35/gal value
915 ga. of <1% EtOH reduced disposal fee
540 kWh electricity n.a. $0.15/kWH = $70 cost


Data from several batches of outdated wine run through a GRE system show even better economics than waste beer.  The 411 gallons of 40% ethanol produced generates $554.85 of market value while only costing $105 in operation.  Once again, with reduced disposal fees, waste companies can realize generous cost savings using GRE technology.

Inputs Outputs Cost/Value
1300 gal. wine (10-12% EtOH) 411 gal. of 40% EtOH $1.35/gal value
889 gal. of <1% EtOH reduced disposal fee
822 kWh electricity n.a. $0.15/kWh = $105 cost

Soda Pop

Multiple batches of out-dated soda pop have been run through a GRE system and the values are similar or slightly better than running beer.


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