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Grassroots Energy LLC pioneered and patented technology that extracts ethanol at low temperatures while consuming less energy than required by conventional, high-temperature distillation methods.

Improving cattle profits with ethanol equipment
To provide technology and improved economics to the farming, waste and transportation industries enabling them to become more profitable by producing and utilizing ethanol as a cleaner, cheaper, self-sustaining alternative biofuel.

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Have questions. Find answers here or by sending an email to info@grassrootsenergyllc.com

Ethanol Equipment - GRE BioFeeder and Extractors - Low cost ethanol production
GRE's processing technology produces hydrous ethanol in concentrations from 40% to 50%. Hydrous ethanol can be marketed to corn ethanol plants.

Improve farm & cattle profits | Self-sustained farming
GRE BioFeeders produce a superior livestock feed rich with valuable nutrients that have not been altered by heat used in other systems. These systems allow farms to be self-sustaining. Local Michigan farmers are finding value in both the enriched livestock feed and the ethanol co-product and are realizing financial sustainability and therefore increase profitability.

Turn your fermentable waste products into profit
We can help you produce valuable hydrous ethanol from your waste feedstock with energy input than any other known product on the market.

Humanitarian - making the world a better place
As GRE continues to develop, we believe that our products will have worldwide appeal and we will search for ways to share the benefits.

Compare our Numbers with anyone in the industry
GrassRoots Energy is currently conducting studies and will post test data soon. Please check back or follow up on Twitter or Facebook for up-to-date information.

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